ibox plans
ibox Plans
You may receive correspondence, magazines and newspapers from the U.S. at no charge, within the monthly weight limits established for your Plan.

Pay for 12 months and receive 2 extra months free!

The monthly weight limit for each Plan is as follows:

no limit
no limit
no limit
2.0 kgs / 4.0 Lbs
4.0 kgs / 8.0 Lbs
7.0 kgs / 14.0 Lbs

All correspondence, magazines and newspapers received at your Laredo address ibox will be forward to your Store ibox, and will be accumulated to your Monthly Weight Allowance, as per your chosen ibox Plan. ishop & mail does not share your information with third parties, and has absolutely no control over, nor can we screen, correspondence sent to you, so we strongly recommend that you carefully select whom you share your mailing information with, in order to avoid receiving unsolicited mail which could result in extra charges. Please refer to our Price List for applicable fees.

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Selected Plan Standard - 2.0 kgs / 4.0 Lbs

Total months 1 Month

Expiration date 19 Aug 2018

Cost $36.00 USD

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