ibox plans
ibox is an already existing product… which has been reinvented just for you, with your every day needs in mind! Enjoy the convenience of having an international mailbox with more features than ever…. And even more are on the way!

Stay in the Loop:
Subscribe to U.S. newspapers and magazines and receive them directly, along with other correspondence, in your local ibox, at U.S. costs.*

Relax… and shop away!:
Your packages and purchases made in the U.S. can now be forwarded to your local ibox. Customs procedures will be taken care of for you, and those costs, duties, shipping and handling, financed until pick up.

Never miss a beat:
You also get a Mexican mailing address, which allows you to receive mail, including legal documents, immigration papers and any other important or sensitive material, which will be safely held for you while you are away from Mexico.
In a nutshell, ibox plans offer:

  • Physical Mailing and Shipping address in Laredo, TX. U.S.A.
  • Local address in Ajijic, Mexico.
  • Reception of Mexican correspondence at no additional charge.
  • Multiple and unlimited number of users.
  • Privacy and confidentiality.
  • Free notification of items received. (by e-mail and upon request).
  • Professional, friendly and reliable bilingual service.
* Depending on your plan, additional charges may apply

ibox plans

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